Ukiah Co. Fire Pits Questions & Answers

Q: How long is the propane connection cord to the fire pit? Can the propane be stored under the table that the fire pit is sitting on?

A: A 10ft hose with a quick connect is supplied with every unit. We designed this so the tank can go under the table or in a tank stand.


Q: Do the fire pits come with a hose to connect to propane tank?

A: Yes. Each one comes with a hose and regulator. Only thing you need to provide is the propane tank. I would recommend tightening all the connections under the unit prior to assembly.


Q: Can any of these be converted to natural gas?

A: Yes. Our Loom X and Original Loom edition can all be converted to NG. We do not sell the kit for this, but universal kits do work. However, The Loom 2 with Beat to Music technology cannot.


Q: Do all the fire pits have music and fire?

A: No. We have 3 different types.

  1. Single Fire Pits- this only has the one Fire Mode.
  2. Music and Fire- These has 3 different modes: Fire, Music, and Fire and Music
  3. Beat to Music- These have 4 different modes. Fire, Music, Fire and Music, and Fire Beat to Music