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Shadowspec Umbrella Care & Maintenance

Regular care and maintenance of your umbrella is essential.
The following points will assist in keeping it looking smart and clean while also ensuring its ongoing performance and reliability.
• To extend the life of your umbrella as long as possible, we recommend purchasing a Protection Cover for your umbrella and covering your umbrella with it whenever it is not in use.
• Close and cover your umbrella in adverse conditions. This includes heavy rain, snow, hail and high wind.
• Take care when opening or closing your umbrella - always check for obstacles first (i.e. trees, ladders, furniture, people).
• Umbrella should never be left stored/collapsed for long periods while wet. Always ensure that the fabric is thoroughly dry before storing or closing for long periods of time.
• Any early signs of mold or mildew must be removed as soon as it’s discovered.
• Your umbrella Fabric Canopy is removable and fully washable. See fabric cleaning instructions below.
• Never clean any part of your umbrella with a corrosive/abrasive product or a high pressure hose.
• Never use waterproofing or cleaning sprays on your umbrella fabric without seeking appropriate advice first.
• All moving parts on your umbrella are best maintained with an annual application of dry lubricator, such as a wax based spray.
• From time-to-time, inspect your umbrella and ensure all the accessible screws/bolts and other fixings remain tight.
If they appear loose, tighten them with the supplied toolkit.
Tips: 1. Keep your toolkit stored in a safe place for future maintenance.
2. For commercial applications, contact us for our preventative maintenance guides.