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Shadowspec Fabric Cleaning Instructions

Shadowspec Fabric Canopies are manufactured from the most durable marine fabrics, thread and designs available.
Shadowspec Fabric Canopies should be cleaned on a regular basis so dirt isn’t allowed to build-up and become embedded in the fabric. You can clean your Fabric Canopy without removing it from the Frame if you prefer, or it’s as easy to remove as it was to put on. Brush off any loose dirt and particles, hose it down and clean with lukewarm water (temperature) and mild soap. Rinse again to remove all the soap before allowing the Fabric Canopy to air dry.

Do not use heavy detergents!
If you have found a stain that won’t come off with our standard cleaning instructions, a ‘303’ Fabric Cleaner is recommended. First, trial a small area of the fabric to ensure there is no discoloration or adverse effect. After cleaning it’s important that you treat the fabric with a water repellency agent. We recommend the ‘303’ protectant is used to restore the repellency.
Note: When washing or cleaning, do not subject to excessive heat as the fabric will shrink. Do not steam press or dry in an electric or gas dryer. Always allow your Fabric Canopy to air dry. If you take the umbrella down for winter, take time to clean and air dry your Fabric Canopy before storing it in a well ventilated area.
For full manufacturers recommendations regarding care of our Canopy Fabrics, visit for detailed care instructions.