Cane-Line Powder-Coated Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Maintenance Guide


Cane-line offers furniture with frames produced in hot-dip galvanized powder-coated steel. Hot-dip galvanizing is a surface treatment ensuring longer durability and corrosion resistance. The surface treatment is done by dipping the product in liquid zinc after having been cleaned, and thereby forming a strong chemical bond between the steel and the zinc. The subsequent powder-coating ensures an additional protection of the surface.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Basically, hot-dip galvanized powder-coated steel requires minimal maintenance. However, it is necessary to clean the product to keep it neatly, and especially if the product is used close to coastal stretches. This in order to counteract the promotion of corrosion and discoloration. Therefore, we recommend wiping of the furniture with a cloth, possibly with ordinary household soap. Please note that the detergent used must not contain chlorine. In case of stubborn stains, aqueous solvents can be used for cleaning, such as alcohol.


It is recommended to cover the furniture with a cover during the winter period or for longer periods when not in use. Be aware of the importance of "lifting” the cover once in a while, so that air can circulate and remove any alleged condensation.