Cane-Line Lava-Stone Maintenance Guide


Artistic Italian lava stones for tabletops. Handmade with double glazing by skilled craftsmen. Each tile and tabletop is unique and no two look alike. The lava stone is a natural material and small imperfections, such as colour and spots, are to be expected and adored. It is the charm of the product.
The curing of the paint takes place in high temperature in electric ovens at around 960 grader C.
The surface (glaze) and thereby the material is extremely resistant towards both frost and high temperatures, as well as salty water. Furthermore, the color will not change much over time.

Maintenance & Cleaning

The maintenance of the material (tabletop) is easy and requires only a regularly cleaning with a normal detergent/degreaser. Use a cloth with lukewarm water. We recommend carefully cleaning of the table at least 2-3 times a year.


We recommend covering the tabletop with a furniture cover in fall and winter months for protection. However, please note, that condensation can form under furniture covers, which can cause mold and mildew. Therefore, make sure to lift the cover away from the furniture to ensure proper air circulation and minimize condensation. If possible, it is best to store the table indoors during winter months to shelter it from dirt and weather conditions.