Cane-Line Cast Iron Maintenance Guide


Cast iron from Cane-line is composed of alloy of iron, carbon and silicon, which together provide a material particularly suitable for products that require great strength and heat resistance. Therefore, cast iron is an obvious choice for fire pits that are exposed to high temperatures. Continuous maintenance is important, as otherwise over time, you will see rust formation on the surface in the places where the paint has been scratched and worn.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Make sure to regularly remove ash from the fire pit, wash it off in clean water and dry it thoroughly when the items are cold. Over time, the surface may become brighter to look at. If rust appears on the surface, clean the product. Remove rust formation with fine sandpaper and give the product a short or a complete refresh with a heat-resistant outdoor spray paint (600 ºC) intended for fire pits and grill items.

Winter Storing

If the product is not used during the winter period, we recommend storing it in a dry room to minimize maintenance.

Important Info
Be aware that the product may leave rust marks on the surface on which it stands. In addition, the product becomes very hot during use, so it may leave marks on the surface on which it stands. The product gets hot during use, so do not touch the surface product without gloves that can withstand the heat and be aware of local legislation regarding the use of fire pits.

Use of the fire pit is at your own risk (both to yourself and others).