Cane-Line Anodized Aluminum Maintenance Guide


Cane-line offers parasols with an anodized aluminum pole. Anodizing is an electrochemical surface treatment that ensures longer durability and resistance to corrosion and scratches.
Anodizing increases the thickness of the aluminum’s naturally occurring oxide layer (protective membrane). The increased layer of oxidation ensures that the appearance of the aluminum is preserved for many years. Furthermore, the metallic surface of anodized aluminum makes for a more aesthetic, uniform surface.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Minimal maintenance is generally required.
However, it may be necessary to clean and care for the parasol pole (especially if the product is used near the coast) to prevent corrosion and discoloration. We therefore recommend that you wipe the pole with a damp cloth and/or ordinary household soap. Please note that the products used must not contain chlorine. For stubborn stains, an aqueous solvent such as white spirit can be used for cleaning. If you treat the anodized surface with wax or spray products for anodized aluminum, future cleaning will be easier due to the smooth and uniform surface achieved.


The parasol can stand outside all year round. However, we recommend covering it with a parasol cover during the winter or prolonged periods when not in use. Be aware of the importance of “lifting” the cover every so often to allow the air to circulate and remove any condensation.